Horizons Study Tour complements the learnings realised Key Club workshops with a guided and interactive tour of areas which we deem to be of significant interest from a food and drink perspective.


Study Tours are designed to give you an understanding of how the UK foodservice market operates at street level. Guests provide details of the types of outlets and organisations they would like to meet and Horizons designs a series of meetings with outlet managers or head office staff built around a walking tour of foodservice outlets.There will be opportunities to sample, ask questions of the operators and the Horizons team and the tour will end with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. The tour will finish at 2pm.

The locations are typically London-based with a range of concepts and price offerings within a walkable area, providing delegates with an understanding of the current foodservice landscape from both a consumer and operator viewpoint. Past tours have involved visiting locations such as Spitalfields Market, Brunswick Centre and Covent Garden to give our participants a real feel for the current state of the market. Lead by Peter Backman, the tours are an excellent mix of analytical insight and hands-on appreciation of new market trends.


Peter Backman takes a small group of foodservice professionals around a series of eating out venues, pointing out and identifying foodservice trends in real time. En route meetings are arranged with the foodservice operators and delegates are invited to sample dishes and ask questions making it a thoroughly interactive event.


The Study Tour takes place once per quarter, bespoke tours can be arranged on request.

Further information

For further information about Study Tour please contact us on +44 (0)844 800 0456 or info@hrzns.com.

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