Menurama provides a detailed overview of the UK’s changing menus and helps manufacturers and operators to identify established and upcoming menu trends, key price points, operator gap analysis and much more.

Menurama provides the detailed insight that will help drive your:

  • Market positioning: How do your dishes, products, pricing and overall offering compare to what your competitors are doing?
  • Gap analysis: Are there any dishes or price points not being offered to diners that you can exploit? Are you offering as many options as your competitors?
  • NPD programme: What dishes, flavours, formats warrant additional NPD activity – and what priority should you give to each development?
  • Range analysis: How many dishes of each course are being offered?
  • Range detail: What types of dishes are being offered in terms of main protein, sauce etc.?
  • Brand analysis: Broken down by brand what are all the elements (pricing, dish range, marketing messages) that consumers are being offered?
  • Brand architecture: What are the entry, average and top dish prices being charged?
  • Promotional activity: Which deals are competitors offering to entice consumers and how do yours compare? How are particular dishes being promoted on menus?
  • Consumer driver messages: What messages are operators including on their menus to help consumers make their dish choice – sustainability, local/British, organic, healthy eating, provenance, quality statements, suitable for vegetarians, wheat free etc.?
  • Menu evolution and innovation: Which dishes are recently added to menus and which have disappeared?    


If it’s on the menu, Menurama reports on it.

The results – covering Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter menus from 2010 to the current period – are presented in different formats to meet every management and information need:

  • Menu Trend Report in Powerpoint to highlight the most significant developments and provide both a quick-look overview and a more detailed summary for use by commercial, NPD and senior management teams
  • The complete Menurama dataset in Excel to provide the resource for detailed analysis of the full range of information over 270,000 dishes
  • An interactive data visualisation and selection front end – Envision – that enables the development and creation of insights and detailed understanding of what’s on menus, how menu structure is evolving and more
  • A full set of menu visuals in PDF format so that you can place each menu item, dish and statement into context


Over 800 menus are collected twice a year from the UK’s mainstream pub, hotel, QRS and restaurant brands.

Menurama is the most detailed available analysis of menus collected from the UK’s top 120 multiple and branded chains, pub groups and branded hotels. Supplementary information (such as Specials Board items and promotional offers) is noted by hand. Dish names and descriptions are categorized for easy grouping and analysis, alongside all other information supplied on each menu such, as meal deal information and consumer driven messages (suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free etc.).


Menurama is released twice a year, in February and August and fully reflects seasonal menu changes.

Further information

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