About Horizons

Horizons has helped a number of different people and companies over the years, including:

  • suppliers of IT systems, computer hardware and security services
  • estate agents who need to understand why changes are occurring in their customer base
  • journalists who need information now - whether facts and figures or expert comment
  • accountants advising restaurants on claims for loss of business
  • students looking for information to help them complete their theses
  • start-ups - from restaurants to trade magazines - that need information to support funding proposals

We have helped them all with timely information that was tailored to answer their specific questions.

We are experts in the eating out sector - also referred to as foodservice - with over 30 years' experience in the sector, offering a range of services to organisations - ranging from government department to estate agents, from universities to software suppliers.

For further information about our portfolio of services, please contact Horizons on +44 (0)844 800 0456 or info@hrzns.com