PR and Ad Agencies

You work for - or are pitching for business from - an organisation that has a presence in the eating-out sector. You need to understand the forces at work in the market and the dynamics that are shaping it now and into the future.

You need information that will help you understand your client's market better - an understanding that you can demonstrate to your client. You also need to be able to develop strategies and messages that will enhance you client's position.

To do all this, you need facts and figures, trends and forecasts. You need this information at a detailed, specific level - and you need it from a source that is recognised throughout the industry.

At Horizons, we can give you all this - and more.

We are experts in the eating out market, with over 30 years' experience in the sector. We work closely with PR and advertising agencies to deliver clear strategies and insightful information for their clients who are - or who supply - restaurants, hotels, contract caterers and other operator segments.

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