Organisations want to be able to monitor changes in the foodservice sector using current information so they can benchmark their own performance, report with authority how their market is developing right now and identify shifts in eating out patterns as they occur. Quarterly Data, based on Horizons’ unique Market structure and Trends database model of the eating out market provides the statistical insight into what’s happening.


Horizons Quarterly data is a special sub-set of data produced form Market Structure and Trends that presents, in a suc- cinct form, the key metrics that allow operators and suppliers to monitor changes in their market.

In one place, it provides a statistical overview of the last quarter, and moving annual changes over the last 12 months.

Quarterly Data measures changes in:

  • Outlet numbers
  • Number of meal served
  • Value of food purchases
  • Value of food sales

And the data is shown for each sector to pinpoint changes I the markets of current interest and future interest.


Based on the same methodology used to provide Horizons' far more detailed annual data, Quarterly Data is a robust measure of how the market is changing.


Quarterly Data is released in January, April, July and October each year.

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