Menu Trends Report


Horizon’s Menu Trends Report provides a detailed seasonal analysis of UK menus covering pricing, range, key dishes, core ingredients, emerging trends, and much more.

Ideal for operators, manufacturers and wholesalers, or any business with an interest in the UK foodservice market, the comprehensive report highlights the most significant menu developments across key sectors, and provides both a quick- look overview and a more detailed commentary for use by commercial, NPD and senior management teams.


In a detailed, 60 slide PowerPoint presentation, the Menu Trends Report contains a thorough analysis of the changes taking place on UK menus in 8 sections:

  1. Methodology
  2. Highlights
  3. Innovation
  4. Pricing
  5. Top Dishes
  6. Flavours and Cuisine Types
  7. Dish Highlight and Primary Ingredients
  8. Ethical Sourcing, Responsible Production, Quality and Healthy/Lifestyle Eating


Horizons analyses menus from the 120 leading operators in restaurants, quick service, pubs and hotels with detailed analysis of over 270,000 dishes.


Horizon’s Menu Trends Report is released twice a year, in February and August to reflect seasonal menu changes.






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