These reports allow suppliers and operators to identify the leading players in each selected sector of the Foodservice market by providing information on the top UK companies in each sector.


Key Players is family of reports covering the top Foodservice companies and the top operators in the following sectors:

  • Top Foodservice Companies (Top 50)
  • Restaurants (Top 50)
  • Quick Service Restaurants (Top 50)
  • Pubs (Top 20)
  • Hotels (Top 20)
  • Contract Caterers (Top 10)

They also give a topline insight into the Foodservice market and each sector, including the growth of the market and how each sector is performing. These reports are available to purchase as a group or individually.


Data is gathered from the Horizons Key Brands and Market Structure and Trends to provide lists of the Key Players.

The Key Players in the Foodservice Market report lists the top 50 operators in Foodservice from all sectors and includes distributors, it also includes an overview of the Foodservice market.

Each of the sector reports are ranked by either food and beverage turnover (contract caterers), number of UK outlets (restaurants, QSR and pubs) or number of rooms (hotels) and includes an overview of the market within that sector.

An Excel spreadsheet is also available with each report for ease of data manipulation and filtering.


The Key Players Reports are released twice per year, in June and December.

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